Sorry guise, I haven’t been posting much. But since this is my personal blog, I can post my personal feelings. I wanna leave. I’m tired. I’m sick. I mean, it may sound like I talk about this a lot. It’s not because I’m bipolar, it’s because this temptation never leaves. I wanna run away from this motherfucking city. People here make me want to shoot myself and feel the pain. I can’t stand it, I’m sick of it. It’s not because they’re mean (not all of them) they’re just annoying little FUCKS. I just want my two bestfriends in the entire world to always be with me. Because honestly, if I did not have them, i’d be more messed up than all of you probably think I am. PSomeone, just rescue me. Take me away. From this godforsaken town. It’s driving me nuts. It’s worse than silent hill or raccoon city. Seriously, i’d live with those creatures rather than these. I want to run away to another country. Probably, some of you are reading this and are annoyed with me, or think I’m worthless for thinking such things. But I can’t hold it inside anymore. I need to do something about this anger and sadness and thriving curiosity. If I don’t, I’m gonna snap. Please don’t think bad of me, I’m just… I don’t know anymore. Thank you for reading if you have. If you have any helpful advice, please, message me. I can use a lot of advice right about now.



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"I'm just spacing out a bit..."
"I'm just spacing out a bit..."

People I don't understand: Nezumi and Shion are just friends.
Fandom: Lol no
Random passerby's: lol no
Teachers: lol no
Parents: lol no
Jesus: lol no

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